Madrid Basket M


Madrid Basket M

Material: Bamboo

Dimension: L35cm x W36cm x H36cm

Bamboo is one of the key sustainable materials and can be easily incorporated into any home. Baskets work as an excellent alternative for plastic and paper bags for any display. The Madrid basket is made of bamboo, whereby Bamboo is actually harvested in a sustainable manner and is good for the earth as it helps produce more oxygen than trees.

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set of 3 / Bamboo / Size: 26cm.L x 20cm.W x 29cm.H (S); 31cm.L x 26cm.W x 33cm.H (M); 35cm.L x 35cm.W x 38cm.H (L) / Color: TBA

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Weight11.5 kg
Dimensions31 × 38 × 40 cm


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