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Welcome to Home and Soul the UAE’s leading furniture and lifestyle concept store.

At Home and Soul, we understand that your interior is your haven : your safe space, a space where you can fully express yourself in any way you choose. That is why we provide to you- our clients the very best in furniture, outdoor furniture, home décor, lighting and accessory pieces needed to cultivate the interior of your dreams and bring the Soul into your Home.

Specializing in sustainable luxury, our curated collection reflects founder Carol‘s passion for travel, culture, and conscious living. Unveil a world of high quality decor that transforms any space into personalized haven with our diverse range, spanning from Boho wall art to expressive furniture pieces. Every item reflects individuality, mirroring your personality and lifestyle.

Let our knowledgeable team guide you in discovering the ideal home decor to harmonize with your space. Proudly delivering superior quality at competitive prices, we ensure your surroundings reflect your refined taste. Whether enhancing your personal haven, assisting a client, or embarking on a commercial project, we have the perfect piece to complement every style.

Home and Soul guarantees a curated selection that meets your needs. Redefine your space with us.

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