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Crafting Sustainable Beauty in Bali

Hello, and Happy January Dear Community!

This month’s blog – the first of the year – takes you on a heartfelt journey back to Bali, where we connected with inspiring individuals and embraced the island’s vibrant spirit. Bali isn’t just a destination; it’s a canvas of stories, colours, and meaningful connections.
As we patiently- yet, excitedly await the imminent arrival of our final shipment from Bali 2023, Join us in celebrating these encounters as we unveil our top picks – products that capture the craftsmanship and charm of Bali. Each piece is a testament to the island’s artistry and warmth. 

Returning to Bali after the COVID outbreak and reuniting with our teams was an extraordinary experience that defied the conventional notion of “reconnecting,” for the reunion was more akin to a seamless continuation, a chapter in an ongoing narrative. 

We witness the exquisite craftsmanship of our artisans, diligently working to breathe life into our sustainable pieces. As we walk alongside our artisans, we engage in heartfelt conversations, listening to their ideas and stories. It’s more than just business; it’s a collaborative journey In Bali, every encounter, whether with familiar faces or new additions to our teams, felt like a joyous reunion with long-lost friends. The magic of this island extends beyond its physical.

The symbiosis between passion and ethical responsibility creates enduring relationships, echoing the balance we strive for in our creations.

Top Picks

The Larisa Concrete Side Table and Aisha Concrete Coffee are handcrafted with meticulous precision, boasting a modern and contemporary design with a stunning matte white finish- guaranteed to brighten and elevate your home.
Whether you decide to place them paired as an elegant dynamic duo in your lounge, or perhaps in your bedroom as a chic alternative to bedside tables.
They are also suitable for outdoor use, place them as part of your garden-scape and prepare to awe and inspire your beloved guests with your sophisticated and effortless aesthetic.

Discover the rustic allure of our oversized ceramic vases/pots; Lyla, Kylie and Zelda are perfect for modern and contemporary homes. Embrace their natural aesthetic and adorn your home and garden space with these truly transformative pieces. Placed at your entranceway, or in your favourite cozy corner of your lounge or hallway as an intriguing styling piece, alternately, these would make a stunning vessel for any real or faux plants or your favourite pampas from our collection.
(Exclusively In-Store)

Our Cosima table lamp is the perfect addition to your home, hugely popular thanks to its stunning design, it seamlessly blends bohemian-chic and modern design.
Radiating elegance in any room, adding a touch of artistic flair to your home decor.
We envision this piece adorning a cozy nook or taking centre stage on your console tables, alternatively atop the Isha side tables to enhance your bedside aesthetic.

Our stunning Toulouse Mirror is back with a glorious and enchanting return.
Adorn the walls in your home with this show-stopping beauty, handcrafted with love and precision it is the finest mirror in all the land.
 Perfect for appreciating the beauty within and reflecting on those self-affirmations and mantras for the best 2024 possible.
Place Toulouse anywhere you want to add the wow factor and prepare yourself for an abundance of compliments from your guests and loved ones. 

As a dedicated sustainable business owner, our commitment to fair trade and eco-friendly practices reaches globally, uplifting our teams in Dubai and beyond. Our collaborations bring multifaceted benefits, extending beyond economic gains.
Through sourcing and supporting local enterprises, we contribute to community vitality, fostering economic stability and job opportunities, with a focus on empowering women. This aligns with my passion for female empowerment as an entrepreneur. By boosting the local economy, we enhance security and sustainability for families in the region.
Additionally, fostering autonomy and self-sufficiency within the community nurtures empowerment and pride.

Ethically, practicing fair trade ensures equitable treatment throughout the supply chain, fostering social justice and environmental responsibility. This approach not only positively impacts my business but also contributes to building a more just and sustainable global economy.

Our Bali journey isn’t just about creating aesthetically pleasing pieces; it’s a commitment to sustainable practices and fostering lasting relationships. As you explore our new collection, you’re not just buying products; You’re investing in a journey of ethical craftsmanship.
Join us in shaping a sustainable future. Explore our new collection and experience the artistry of Bali. Shop with us, where high standards meet ethical practices, creating not just pieces but a meaningful impact on the world.

Happy Shopping!