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Introducing the Aqua Collection: A Splash of Color and Joy

Greetings, dear readers! We’re thrilled to unveil our latest arrival – the Aqua Collection! This vibrant ensemble celebrates colour and an ode to togetherness, making it perfect for entertaining with friends and family. Join us on a journey to create a colourful home, a relaxing space to be proud of.

In a world where every detail speaks volumes, curating the perfect collection of tableware, glassware, and décor isn’t just an art; it reflects our taste and celebrates life’s moments. As we introduce our latest masterpiece, the Aqua Collection, envision a tapestry of colours that not only adorn your living spaces but also add an extra layer of joy to your special occasions. Let’s explore how each handpicked piece becomes a storyteller, weaving tales of togetherness and style.

Handblown Marvels: Candlestick Holders

Picture this: An evening bathed in the soft glow of candlelight. Our handblown candlestick holders—Ariel, Emaline, Gabriel, and Marlene—are exquisite pieces and storytellers of intimate moments. Style them with long tapered candles to create a warm ambience, transforming your space into a sanctuary of tranquillity and elegance.

Candle Holder Green

Sophistication with a Twist: Glass Bell Jar Candle Holders

For a touch of sophistication with a bold twist, embrace our Glass Bell Jar Candle Holders. The bold colours add flair to any setting. Style them as a centrepiece on your dining table or garden patio for a playful, yet refined atmosphere that captivates the eye and sparks conversation.

Curvy Elegance: Modern Glass Vases

Meet Brielle, Luliana, Vera and Julane—the epitome of curvy elegance in modern glass vases. Elevate your floral arrangements, redefine elegance with a playful twist and extra curves and bring a touch of whimsy to your space. Style them as statement pieces on your mantel or dining table, effortlessly transforming your home into a haven of artistic expression.

Vera Glass Vase Green

Cheers to Style: Glassware Collections

Decorative Glasses: More Than Meets the Eye

The tree, pineapple, and star-shaped glasses bring a touch of whimsy to your gatherings. Style them as conversation starters at your next soirée. Fun fact: Not only are they visually stunning, but they are made from borosilicate glass which, is non-toxic ensuring their safety whilst enhancing the flavours of your beverage, making every sip memorable.

Tumblers and Highball Glasses

Sip in style with our diverse collection of tumblers and highball glasses. The fusion of design and colour adds personality to your drinkware. Style tip: Mix and match colours to create a vibrant tablescape that reflects your eclectic taste, making every sip a sensory delight.

Green Wine Glass

Wine Glasses: Bold and Beautiful

Raise a toast to bold and beautiful moments with our sturdy wine glasses. The varied colours not only enhance the visual appeal but also elevate the entire drinking experience. Style tip: Pair them with our pitchers for a complete, coordinated look that exudes sophistication a must-have for wine enthusiasts.

Blue Pitcher

Pitch-Perfect Serve ware

Complete the ensemble with our specially designed pitchers, the perfect companions for your tumblers, highballs, and wine glasses. Style them as the pièce de résistance, adding the finishing touch to your Aqua Collection. Your gatherings will be remembered for the conversations and the impeccable style they exude.

Pink Wine Glass

Dive into Colorful Living!

In the tapestry of life, every detail matters. The Aqua Collection is more than just tableware and glassware; it’s an invitation to elevate your space, infuse personality into your surroundings, and create moments that linger in memory. Take this opportunity to curate joy, and let the Aqua Collection transform your home into your space into a haven of colour and style!

Shop now or visit our store and embark on a journey of vibrant living!