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New Arrivals: Jute Jewels

Hey there, design enthusiasts and eco-conscious homeowners! If you’ve been searching for that perfect blend of rustic charm and eco-conscious design, buckle up because we’re about to formally introduce you to our brand new Jute Collection, and trust us when we say, it’s going to light up your world in more ways than one! 

From floor lamps that stand tall and proud to pendant lights that weave their magic in the air, and table lamps that redefine “ambient” to side tables that are functional works of art – we’ve got it all. These aren’t just pieces; they’re statements. They’re not just items; they’re full of character and charm.

We’re here to inspire your next decorating adventure.

Helmi Pendant Light / Evie Floor Light / Kayla Side Tables


Jute, often described as the “Golden Fiber,” is an irresistible treasure for the home furnishing industry. Crafted from the long, lustrous stalks of the corchorus plant, jute lends an unmistakable natural charm to interior spaces. The robust and resilient fibres are a designer’s dream, perfect for creating exquisite lighting options, rugs, and upholstery that exude rustic elegance. 
Embracing jute in home decor elevates the aesthetics and champions sustainability, as this renewable and biodegradable material aligns seamlessly with eco-conscious furnishing trends, making it a must-have choice for the modern home.
Our Jute Pendant Lights are more than just your typical lighting solution for a dark room, they are beautiful works of art, that will undoubtedly become conversation starters in your home.  Expertly handwoven, each weave represents a harmonious blend of delicacy, durability, and strength. 


Illuminating Elegance

 Elevate your space with our nature-inspired collection. From the whimsical botanical charm of the Ginevra Pendant to the serene, beachy vibes of Santa Maria, or the modern sophistication of Chiara, Helmi, and Elena, we’ve curated diverse designs to match your style. For a stunning transformation, explore the exquisite detailing of Lilianna and Amara.
Crafted from natural jute fibres, these pendants expertly weave intricate patterns that cast captivating shadows. They infuse warmth and character into any space, whether above your dining table or in your reading nook. With various sizes and designs available, find the perfect pendant light to harmonize with your natural design. Illuminate your world with nature’s elegance.


Standing Tall in Sustainable Styling

This fresh collection seamlessly marries form and function, creating statuesque illuminating masterpieces that are as visually striking as they are functional. Take, for instance, the EvieEverly, and Emma models. Regardless of how you choose to display them, they have the power to command attention in your favourite corner of the home, serve as captivating focal points, or effortlessly blend into their surroundings with subtle elegance.
Each floor lamp is designed to diffuse light gently, creating a cozy ambience that’s perfect for relaxation. Place one by your favourite reading chair or in a cozy corner to bring both light and style to your room. Or place flanking your console table, or entranceway.
Their natural design complements a range of styling options, from rustic to modern.


Illuminating Natural Accents

Elevate your space with our modern hand-woven jute table lamp, The Ophelia Table lamp this stunning piece combines natural craftsmanship with a sleek design that exudes contemporary allure. Demure in stature deep, oversized lampshade not only adds a touch of sophistication but also bathes your surroundings in a soft, ambient light. Perfect for those who appreciate both style and substance.

These compact yet eye-catching lamps combine natural jute with sleek designs, creating a harmonious balance between rustic and modern aesthetics thanks to their handwoven natural charm.  They’re the perfect bedside companions for late-night reading or mood lighting for your living room. Illuminate your space while making a sustainable statement, all while enhancing your natural design and styling.


Functional Art 

Our Kayla jute side tables are more than just surfaces for your coffee cups or books; they’re functional art pieces that showcase the beauty of sustainable materials. Each table is handcrafted, highlighting the intricate texture of jute while providing a stable and stylish platform for your essentials. 

These tables are versatile and can serve as plant stands, display tables, or simply as statement pieces in your living space. Their natural styling seamlessly integrates with various design motifs, from modern and contemporary to boho-chic to coastal.

Whether you’re looking to create a cozy reading nook with a jute pendant light, elevate your living room’s ambience with a jute floor lamp, or add rustic charm to your bedside with a jute table lamp, our collection offers something for every eco-conscious homeowner. In a world where sustainability is more important than ever, our jute collection embodies the essence of eco-chic living. By incorporating these pieces into your home, you not only enhance your decor but also make a conscious choice to support eco-friendly design practices.

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