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Round rugs

Amelia Rug L

SKU: 16996

AED 3200

Including Taxes
Rug Amelia Large Natural
Rug Amelia Large Natural
Rug Amelia Large Natural
amila rug
Rug Amelia Large Natural

AED 3200

Including Taxes

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Our Amelia Rug Large has been hand-braided by our skilled artisans using virgin, eco-friendly jute fibre, bordered by white fabric that has been recycled. Its round shape adds charm and style that will suit any room in your home or garden space specifically for high-traffic areas as jute is extremely durable. Available in two sizes.

Dimensions: Large

  • Diameter 300cm

Care instructions:

  • Clean with a gentle hand brush.
  • Light Vacuum clean regularly. Do not use a beater brush.
  • Quickly clean up spills. Use a paper towel or a clean cloth to blot any liquid.
  • If there are any loose ends, please do not pull them. Use scissors to trim.
  • Please avoid soaking the rug in any liquid.
  • Handmade with recycled fabrics/ materials.
  • Each rug has a distinct color, design, and feel.
  • It’s best to use deep colors dry and a rug underlay is advised because they have a tendency to stain light surfaces, especially if they’re wet.
  • The rug’s beauty and authenticity are enhanced by the Hemp’s natural variances in color and texture in different areas of the rug.
  • A brand-new carpeting could have a harmless, natural hemp aroma.
  • When the rug is taken out of the poly bag, it might not lie flat right away but will eventually do so.
  • Please keep it away from hot surfaces, sharp objects, open flames, and excessive moisture.
  • In the first several weeks, material fiber shedding may be seen. This is typical and will fade with time and use.
  • Colors exposed to direct sunlight may slightly fade. In this situation, rotating your rug on a regular basis will help guarantee that the process is even.