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Ceramic Vases

Anguilla Bowl White

SKU: 18710

AED 420

Including Taxes
Anguilla Bowl White

AED 420

Including Taxes



We are delighted to introduce our latest masterpiece, the Anguilla Bowl White, where aesthetics and eco-consciousness converge. This statement piece isn't just a bowl; The embodiment of sophisticated design and mindful living. Handmade with precision, using sustainable Terracotta, with a stunning smooth white finish oozes a unique charm, making it an artful addition to your decor.

Elevate your space with the Anguilla's contemporary allure. Its versatility extends beyond mere decoration; use it as a functional bowl to showcase your exotic fruit collection or as a vessel for your favourite dried flower display, bringing nature indoors with minimalist grace.

Enhance your entryway by placing this chic vase on your console or create a serene focal point in your living room. The Anguilla vase seamlessly complements modern decor, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate sustainable style.


  • Height 26cm
  • Diameter 30cm

Care Instructions

  • Handle with care
  • Clean using a soft damp cloth
  • Water must not be used as it may damage the product