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Pendant Lights

Aruba Rattan Pendant Light

SKU: 18708

AED 990

Including Taxes

AED 990

Including Taxes



We are excited to introduce the Aruba Rattan Pendant Light to our new collection, inspired by Bali's vibrant energy and beauty.

The Aruba rattan pendant light is a modern interpretation of the timeless chandelier. Handcrafted with sustainable materials with a stunning natural finish, each piece encapsulates the beauty of traditional craftsmanship while adding a contemporary flair to any space.

Elevate your interior design by incorporating our Aruba rattan pendant light into your home. Hang it above your dining table to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for memorable gatherings with friends and family. Alternatively, it can be placed in your living room to infuse a touch of bohemian elegance into your décor.

Its versatile design makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, allowing you to seamlessly transition between indoor lounging and outdoor entertaining areas. This exquisite piece will effortlessly enhance any environment with its natural charm and eco-conscious design.


  • Height 85cm
  • Diameter 70cm
  • Cable and fitting included
  • Choice of black or white cable
  • Bulb not included

Care instructions

  • Handle with care
  • Clean and dust using a soft cloth
  • Installation is available