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Ceramic Vases

Athena Ceramic Vase

SKU: 18410

AED 250

Including Taxes

AED 250

Including Taxes



Meet Athena, the masterpiece of our new collection. Crafted with care from sustainable, natural ceramic materials, this vase embodies both beauty and environmental responsibility. Athena is not just a vase; it's a symbol of sustainability. Meticulously handmade, it exudes sophistication with a finish of soft shades of turtledove.

Athena seamlessly integrates into your space, whether gracing your dining table, coffee table, or console table. Its timeless and delicate design ensures that it complements any interior style, from contemporary to classic. The whole design is nothing short of stunning. With the illusion of being draped in fine silk, Athena 2 becomes a conversation piece, captivating the attention of all who enter your home. Its delicate, timeless aesthetic adds a touch of sophistication to any setting.


  • Height 27cm
  • Length 27cm
  • Width 11cm

Care instructions

  • Handle with care
  • Clean and dust using a soft damp cloth
  • the use of water is not recommended as it can cause damage