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Wall Hanging Decorations

Athena Framed Sandstone Wall Decor

SKU: 18633

AED 890

Including Taxes
Athena Sandstone Wall Decor

AED 890

Including Taxes

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Introducing, the Athena Wall Decor, a captivating addition to our collection that epitomizes minimalist elegance. This abstract piece is tailored for modern and contemporary design enthusiasts, presenting a fresh perspective on artistic expression.

Crafted with precision, the Athena Wall Decor features a sleek design with intricate patterns and textures, rendered in a pristine white hue. Encased within a beautiful natural beech wood frame, its clean lines and minimalist aesthetic make it an ideal choice for those seeking understated sophistication in their decor.

Transform your living space with the Athena Wall Decor. Whether showcased in a sleek, urban interior or as a focal point in a minimalist setting, it's versatile design complements many decor themes. Embrace the simplicity and refined beauty of the Athena Wall Decor, a statement piece that brings a touch of modern artistry to any room.

Pair it seamlessly with our Mia Sandstone Wall Decor for a harmonious and cohesive decor scheme.


  • Height: 5cm
  • Width: 50cm
  • Diameter: 50cm