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Ceramic Vases

Evelyn Ceramic Vase Grey Large

SKU: 18392

AED 390

Including Taxes
Evelyn Vase Grey Large
Evelyn Ceramic Vase Grey Large
Evelyn Vase Grey 1
Evelyn Vases Grey

AED 390

Including Taxes



The Evelyn Ceramic Vase Large, is the larger version of the sister Evelyn Vase.

A stunning pottery vase that has been expertly handmade using organic and sustainable ceramic material. New to Home and Soul and so to your home.

The Evelyn Vase has a traditional shape that we've all come to love and seek, however, it has a rustic or almost antiquity feel to it honing to "The Besalu Grey"- a muted grey, mottled undertone - and textured detailing and finish.

This style of vase is easily placed in any room of the house, Its speciality finish allows the vase to seamlessly merge and elevate your space and ambience.  We envision this stunning piece to be displayed as a pair or simply on its own, somewhere where it can be utilised to its fullest potential and adored by all. Perhaps on a console table in your entranceway? or dining room table ready to take centre-stage during dinner parties?

Available in 2 sizes: Standard and large

Dimensions: Large

  • Length 26cm
  • Height 23cm
  • Width 33cm

Care instructions:

  • Handle with care
  • Gently wipe clean with a soft damp cloth.
  • Water use not recommend putting water inside as may cause damage