About Us


We are Home and Soul, a lifestyle concept store that blends furniture, fashion, design and accessories, oh and off course coffee.

By meeting the needs of our clients, we have transformed ourselves into a haven for designers, style enthusiasts and homemakers alike.

 Home and Soul has evolved over many years from travelling to beautiful places and of course from our many years of experience not just in Dubai but in the design industry, we now pride ourselves for being a place that people want to come and experience a lifestyle concept store like no other.  

The well stamped passport of Home and Soul brings you everything you need to create an interior you desire, from bohemian beauty to exotic elegance. Furniture and accessories are precisely selected, curated and styled with the client in mind.

Carefully coveted pieces from destinations dotted around the globe will give you the inspiration needed for a worldly interior that is understated, simplistic, yet carefully considered and defined.

With an inhouse Interior Design service, we are here to help you achieve a home that has a soul and finesse, look no further than Home and Soul.  

We have built a community around us, under one roof you will find beautiful products that support our style and design philosophy.

We believe Home and Soul, is a place beyond shopping it’s a place to meet, it’s a place of inspiration and it’s a place to enjoy.

Join us at Home and Soul to see what’s in store.

home and soul team

The team members  (From left to right)

Stephanie – Interior Designer & stylist


Daniel – QC & Delivery assistant

Carol – Founder & buyer


Ruth – Sales & Coordinator


Shiela – Sales & Coordinator


Ghosh – Delivery & QC Manager

Katie – Digital Comms


Subash – QC & Delivery assistant

Cyril – Delivery

Anosh – Finance


Devika – Accountant


carol sukkar photo

I was brought up in a showroom, as my father was the exclusive supplier of the British heritage brands Wedgwood and Royal Dolton in Amman, Jordan. Growing up, the showroom became my second home. I spent most of my days there, helping out, wrapping gifts and interacting with customers, as far back as I recall.

I eventually officially joined the business and was eager to expand it, but my dad had less ambitious plans. During that time, both my husband and myself had moved to Dubai, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to work remotely. So after several years living in Dubai, I decided to do my own thing, with the help and support of my husband Wael Sukkar.

Having lived in Dubai for almost 16 years, both my husband and I found out that the furniture scene in Dubai became all looking the same. A lot of leather, velvet and dark colours mixed with semi modern styles. During our trip to Paris, we stumbled on Blanc d’ivoire and fell in love with it instantly. The light and subtle colours gave us the true sense of a homey feeling. The furniture is inspired by antique pieces but made to fit in our new times and makes your home look as if its on the French Riviera. We came to a quick realization that Blanc Divoire would give the Dubai residents a one of a kind character that nobody else can fulfill

After a couple of years spent in Dubai Home and Soul, was opened as the evolution of many years of traveling to beautiful places and many years of experience within Dubai and the design industry as a whole.  Formerly Blanc D’ivoire, Home and Soul Dubai provides a unique concept and lifestyle store like no other.  Owned and curated by Carol and Wael Sukkar, Home and Soul is a true ‘ hidden gem’ found in leafy Jumeirah. Selling beautiful home wear, interior pieces, plants, gorgeous items for your kids, fashion and jewellery brands and its very own coffee shop Fiks. Carol and Wael Sukkar who bring their decades of design experience to this ‘ home away from home’ store.


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